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Fun Facts on the Armenian Church       
The Apostolic Origin of the Armenian Church        
Armenian, Byzantium and the Byzantine Armenians   
On the Armenian Genocide   
Is the Armenian Church Apostolic, Catholic or Orthodox?           
On Becoming a More Committed Armenian Christian                          
How to be 100% Armenian Christian (Even If You Are 0% Armenian)          
The Mother of God in the Armenian and Latin Churches        
The Holy Cross in the Armenian and Latin Churches               
Martyrdom in the Armenian Church     
The Three Ecumenical Councils Accepted in Oriental Orthodox Tradition  
On the Erroneous Practice of Missing Divine Liturgy for Sunday School

Works of Armenian Church Luminaries

History of Armenia by St. Movses Khorenatsi (Holy Translator, 5th C.)

The Two Shall Become One Flesh / A Profound Mystery by V. Rev. Daniel Findikyan

Remarks on a Proposed Constitution for the Armenian Church by Dn. Hagop Nersoyan

The Armenian Church and Icons by Vartabed Sharsalar Vertanes Kertogh (7th C.)

The Mystical Book of Prayers by St. Gregory of Nareg (11th C.)

Praying for Those Who Sleep in Christ by V. Rev. Ghevont Samoorian

Is the Armenian Church Against Homosexuality? by Rev. Fr. Tavit Boyajian

The Use of Incense in the Armenian Church by Rev. Fr. Nerses Manoogian

A Sacrifice of Praise: Blessing of the Madagh by V. Rev. Daniel Findikyan

The Iconic Character of the Priesthood (On Woman's Ordination) Fr. Shnork Souin

The Importance of Sunday Worship in the Armenian Church by Abp. Khoren Narbey
Saints Levontius and Vartan the Brave

Defended the freedom of Armenians
to be followers of Jesus Christ, in AD 451
The Armenian Flag
Links to helpful Armenian Sites

Hope for the Family:  Giving hope to Armenian Families to help them fulfil their calling.
Armenian Highland:  The Armenian Enlightenment Chronicle.
The Armenian Prelacy:  This site has valuable information and links.
Armenian History:  An excellent site for historical information on Armenia.
Armenian Research Center:  U of M Dearborn Center for Armenian Studies.
The Holy Mount Ararat
"Behold the rainbow & bless Him who made it
exceedingly beautiful in its brightness."
-Sirach 43:11
"Then the ark rested in the seventh month,
on the seventeenth day of the month, on the
mountains of Armenia."  -Genesis 8:4 (Vulgate)
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